Moment of lolz

So I’m moving to California, and I just finished my last day of work at Half Price Books, a used bookstore chain in the states. The fact that most of our inventory is used means that now and again you’ll find the oddest imprints of the previous owner stamped on them, or tucked in them. Inside a book called How To Light His Fire I found a note that said “I found your book — thanks for thinking of me ;) -Bill”

In a sci-fi paperback I once found a sad and awkward “Can we at least be friends? :(” letter — I don’t know whether he never sent it and was like, “fuck it, I need a bookmark” or whether she got it and didn’t give a flip, and was like “fuck it, I need a bookmark.”

Or the time we got a whole stack of romance paperbacks that had been marked with sticky notes and key phrases highlighted. Apart from a fondness for the phrase “his mouth claimed hers” there was no rhyme or reason to the highlighting, except that it was all bad. As best we could figure, the previous owner had been studying how NOT to write. (Then again, what do I know, these were Kenyon and Feehan books, so maybe they were taking notes on how to write bestsellers.)

Now with more illustrations!