On the Other Hand, Death, by Richard Stevenson (42/107)

(Hey harpijka, I finally read it!! :D)

So a friend of mine has been agitating for years that I should read the Donald Strachey series, seeing as how they’re “mystery with a gay” rather than “gay with a mystery,” of the torsos-on-the-cover variety, but they’re quite old (first one was published in 1979) and I’d been having trouble getting my hands on them.

Then I moved to California, and suddenly I’m in the same town as the Lavender Library, repository of all books gay, and holy cats, I thought I knew a thing or two about gay fiction but I’ve got nothing on them. And lo and behold, they’ve got the Strachey series — which is good, because I own books 2 and 4, but not books 1 and 3. ::le sigh::

Talkin’ bout books 1-3, no spoilers

Gabriel Watches a Movie: Wolverine Does Japan

Saw The Wolverine the other day and enjoyed it despite its flaws, though I might just have no taste in movies because I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve seen recently, including World War Z, White House Down, and RIPD. It’s not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination and the dialogue is painfully bad in parts, but it was consistently entertaining and had less orientalism-fail than I was bracing myself for.

Not so much a review as just things of note