Slice of IRL

So I was on my second date with this guy, and somehow the topic of date venues came up…

Me: “Well, a few weeks ago I went out with a video game designer and we went to a queer gaming convention.”
Him: “What was his name? I think I might know him.”
Me: “Uhmmmm… I honestly don’t remember. Game designer from San Francisco.”
Him: “Doesn’t narrow it down.”
Me: “Curly hair, raised by scrabble-playing wolves?”
Him: “Was his name ____?”
Me: “……….I think it was.”
Him: “Yup, you went out with my ex.”
Me: “I… didn’t have sex with him?”
Him: “That’s a shame. He’s rather good at it.”
Me: “Thanks.”

I think I’m slowly burning my way through all the gay guys in the Bay Area. Good thing I’m going to move in a year and a half. >_>