Ascendant Sun, by Catherine Asaro (21/107)

Space opera, starts out well enough — likable character with believable reactions, cool level of thought and detail put into the world-building. Then it didn’t exactly stall, but I put the book down around page 50 and found that I was resisting picking it up again. If I’d started this when I was fifteen, I expect that I would have plowed through it in a day without a second thought, but right now I have too much other shit to do. Books that are “not bad” are not going to make the cut, and this is going to remain unfinished.

3 thoughts on “Ascendant Sun, by Catherine Asaro (21/107)

  1. Ascendant Sun

    I like her books, but I did find them when I was fifteen:D They’re no Miles Vorkosigan series, but I like them because they’re readable Space Opera. For me, that is a rare commodity.

  2. Re: Ascendant Sun

    Oh yeah, I’m sure I would have read it cover to cover in a day when I was 15, and thought her decent enough to read her other stuff. These days I have become that asshole who is all, “Oh, yeah… I used to read a lot but these days I don’t have the time.”

    And I’m always like, YOU WOULD HAVE THE TIME IF YOU CHOSE TO. “Not having the time to read” means they’re prioritizing other things over reading, which, yeah, is their prerogative, but I never really took that as a legit excuse for not reading.

    I kind of get it now, I think — I’m a self-employed artisan, so instead of clocking out at 5 and having the rest of the evening to myself, I always have work to do that I could be doing any time. I can’t sit down with a book without my brain going “You should be working on [whatever commission] instead!!”

    le sigh.

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