Short PSA for Dragon Age: Inquisition (and thoughts on Dorian)

If you’re getting less party banter than you were expecting, you may have the Uncomfortable Silence bug that is affecting many many players, to our everlasting heartbreak. The fix is to (1) play offline AND (2) travel via the war table rather than the map.

Fancy parties are the new Fade. Points of note: finish all side quests before you go looking for blackmail material, and court approval only has to stay above zero or something, don’t tear your hair trying to keep it at 100.

Improved ability rings mostly don’t work. You might as well just junk ‘em.

…So for all the Dorian is supposed to be the “Not All Magisters!” poster child, does he actually know what’s wrong with Tevinter? Because from the outside, from what we’ve seen of Tevinter in previous games, it’s that mages are despots who’ve enslaved vast swathes of neighboring populations (and their own), rule over non-mages in a campaign of terror, and practice rampant blood magic.

Dorian doesn’t seem to object to mages being at the top of the heap, and he’s explicitly pretty okay with slavery. (The irony hasn’t escaped me that I went from romancing a Tevinter former slave in the last game to romancing a Tevinter former slave-owner in this one. -_-) Which, as a character trait, I’m alright with — he grew up with the sort of privilege that views slaves about like furniture, and there’s not exactly a strong abolitionist movement in Tevinter to inject an alternate point-of-view into the popular discourse. We’re all the product of our experiences, and if he’s never sat down for a long, hard conversation with someone like Fenris, of course he’s going to think it’s alright, and point to institutions like debt-bondage as a favorable alternative to grinding poverty.

But it begs the question: if Dorian’s not about democracy, and he’s not about ending slavery, then when he says he wants to fix what’s wrong with his homeland, what exactly is he talking about? I don’t think he knows. He’s a friendly guy (“nice” is perhaps putting it too strongly), but he’s practically the archetype of the dude who bitches about The System without realizing how much he personally benefits from it.

Which is just some food for thought. I don’t object to his characterization in the slightest; I like flawed characters, and even the smartest people can have blind spots a mile wide, but I do wish they had developed it further. When lined up next to Dragon Age 2, where we got Fenris’s opinions about what’s-wrong-with-Tevinter in-depth and at length, the character development in DA3 feels comparatively incomplete.

…or maybe I just didn’t hear 90% of it thanks to the UNCOMFORTABLE SILENCE BUG, augh. ;_;

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