Scenes from the thesis: forsooth

So I’ve been neck-deep in early modern Japanese lit recently, which Japanese people are like “oh, classical language, so difficult” and it’s like, not really, it’s all Japanese and I’m learning all of it like a foreign language, it’s just different. And largely — though not entirely — overlapping.

Yesterday was my birthday so I took a break from the thesis for drinks and pool with friends last night, and was attempting to teach my friend Yuka how to play pool. In explaining that shots are more difficult when the target ball is close to the cueball but far from the pocket, I totally blanked on the construction for “hard to do ___” in modern Japanese.

Me: 打ち…がたき?
Yuka: LOLOLOL, you sound like a samurai.

Because that’s like blanking on “indeed” and producing “forsooth” instead.

That is all.

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