Scenes from the thesis: citations

“My citations are a mess,” I told the professors as I gave them my rough draft. “Because I switched from MLA to Chicago Manual of Style midway through. It’s okay though! I’ll have my lawyer fix it.”

Some time later…

My lawyer: “Footnote 81 — ‘Professor Kumakura Chiyuki suggests that the secondary meaning of this line is an aggressive sexual overture.’ You should probably cite where he said that.”

Me: “…in a Starbucks?”

3 thoughts on “Scenes from the thesis: citations

  1. *snort*

    “personal correspondence” would be the correct way to go about it then.

    also if ever you write another thesis (or paper or whatever) go with a reference manager; your costly way would be to go with EndNote, but I personally prefer Mendeley, which is free and just as powerful (, it will manage the style automatically for you.

    ah, thesis, how glad am I to be rid of you.

    • You are a treasure, my friend, but I am NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN.

      If I tell you I think a PhD sounds like fun, STOP ME.

      • No research paper, are you sure?

        You can live vicariously through me and my hellish PhD if you want. I have all the stories and all the emails.

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