Bite-sized book review: Second Line

Man, I love Poppy Z. Brite when she isn’t writing about hard drugs and necrophilia.

Second Line is the latest (last?) in her Liquor series, starring Rickey and G-man, a couple (as in, they are) of working class cooks-turned-restaurateurs in New Orleans. It’s comprised of two novellas: The Value of X, which is a prequel of sorts to when Rickey and G-man were teenagers having Strange Feelings For Each Other, and D*U*C*K, the continuing adventures of running a restaurant in New Orleans. Second Line is a pain in the ass to get ahold of, but it is so, so worth it.

“He did WHAT?” said Rickey.

“I wasn’t sure I ought to tell you,” Fiorello said nervously. “But I thought you had a right to know [that Rickey’s roommate had read his mail from G-man].”

“I’m gonna kill him.”


“That snot-nosed pencil-dick motherfucker. Seriously, I’m gonna kill him. He might think he’s met some faggots before, but I bet he never met one from the Ninth Ward.”

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7 thoughts on “Bite-sized book review: Second Line

  1. Hooo, that’s news.

    I knew that Brite had been leaning trans for a long time, but seemed to have settled for being (in his own words) a “non-op transsexual.” Not pre- or post-, but non as in “not going there” — and I didn’t know whether that meant she (at the time) wasn’t really serious about it, or whether she was, in which case that was heart-breaking.

    Thanks for the heads-up and the link. The top couple entries look pretty grim, but I’m glad that he finally got to follow his heart, and hopefully things will start looking up again for him soon.

    So vale, Poppy Z., and hail, Billy Martin!

  2. Wow, that’s new to me, too. I love the Liquor series. The way he describes food is luscious. Not to mention how much I love Ricky and G-man. Now I have to find that book …

  3. Ya, I got mine at the Half-Price Books Marketplace, because on the Monday after Thanksgiving they had free shipping. :D

    Usually I get the more hard-to-find stuff through inter-library loan, which my public library can do, getting books from basically anywhere in the state, which translates to ANY BOOK YOU CAN THINK OF, which is fucking awesome. Second Line, though, I wanted to own myself.

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