Gremble conlangs for Dragon Age

So this morning I wrote a program to generate elvish names for Dragon Age, because apparently I have no idea how to prioritize. There was already a name-gen for this out there, but the results it threw were overwhelmingly unusable, and often in blatant violation of the phonological rules that had been established (what? WHAT. COME AT ME BRO, THERE IS NO ‘C’ IN THIS LANGUAGE) so I made my own. It’s pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

Discussion about reverse-engineering a conlang under the cut

Naming Languages, Part III: Putting it all together

Originally I’d intended to break up these two posts in terms of the Sedekevran conlang vs. the Mesenle conlang, because I’d discovered a lot of interesting differences in the way I approached the two. Mesenle was, from the start, intended to sound foreign — it’s not familiar and it’s not supposed to be. It signals to the readers that they can’t necessarily make assumptions about the culture — compared to, say, what a reader can reasonably expect from a fantasy set in a country called Westerleigh and featuring a protagonist named Roland. (If the latter turns out to be about bedouins, I will… I dunno, give you a dollar or something.)

Anyway, let's go finish making a conlang.