How Dragon Age II could have ended

Okay, so I get that the chantry has to go – it’s what the entire plot of Inquisition hinges on, they can’t let Hawke prevent that. But I think what made a lot of people angry was not that you couldn’t stop it, but that you never even get the chance to try. That Anders behaves exactly the same regardless of your approval rating with him, regardless of whether you were romancing him, which speaks pretty poorly to the importance of that relationship.

So I propose…

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Gremble conlangs for Dragon Age

So this morning I wrote a program to generate elvish names for Dragon Age, because apparently I have no idea how to prioritize. There was already a name-gen for this out there, but the results it threw were overwhelmingly unusable, and often in blatant violation of the phonological rules that had been established (what? WHAT. COME AT ME BRO, THERE IS NO ‘C’ IN THIS LANGUAGE) so I made my own. It’s pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

Discussion about reverse-engineering a conlang under the cut

Short PSA for Dragon Age: Inquisition (and thoughts on Dorian)

If you’re getting less party banter than you were expecting, you may have the Uncomfortable Silence bug that is affecting many many players, to our everlasting heartbreak. The fix is to (1) play offline AND (2) travel via the war table rather than the map.

Fancy parties are the new Fade. Points of note: finish all side quests before you go looking for blackmail material, and court approval only has to stay above zero or something, don’t tear your hair trying to keep it at 100.

Improved ability rings mostly don’t work. You might as well just junk ‘em.

And some thoughts on Dorian (no spoilers)