Last Light of the Sun, by Guy Gavriel Kay (40/107)

This book is okay. I started off liking it quite a bit, thought it was going to rank up there with the Sarantine Mosaic, but then my interest lagged in the middle, and I probably would have put it down and let it stay half-unfinished forever except for the 107 books initiative, that says finish it or quit it decisively, and I feel like a loser when I don't finish books. So.

It's another of Kay's historical fantasies, this time set in Britain at the cusp of centralization and Christianization, about the tribal skirmishes they have with each other and with the vikings (called Erlings, in this) that regularly plague their shores. It has the ensemble cast that Kay's books are famous for, giving you a panoramic view of the conflicts and how they affect people at all levels of society, it has the excellent prose and mythic resonance that make lit-crit people sit up and take notice when Kay writes a book, and it has a number of capable and influential female characters. But really, the same could be said for all of his books (except possibly Ysabel, which was mind-numbingly dull), and this one didn't stand out. The characters couldn't compare to The Sarantine Mosaic, and the plot couldn't compare to Tigana.

So let's talk about his women.

A History of Celibacy, by Elizabeth Abbott (29/107)

There was a meme I came across a few years back: grab the book closest to you, and then append “…in my pants” to the title. What was mine?

A History of Celibacy

…haaaaaah. So apt, except when it’s not.

I hadn’t gotten around to reading it until now though, when I started doing the research for a Judge Dredd fic and suddenly it became highly relevant to my interests.

Exciting Adventures in Celibacy: male virgins, why Megacity's Justice Department is like the Catholic church, psychic & sexless, and IT IS WRONG TO PLAY WITH THE ROBOT.

Oh my

Ahhh, fuck me sideways, first time in a very long time that I’m writing and writing well, and what am I doing? Judge Dredd fanfic, because Dredd and Anderson could have a rad dystopic repressed mostly-celibate romance, and no one else has written it.

I dig it.