Intro to Translation Theory

So I’m lucky enough to be dating a Classicist who finds it charming when I get drunk and ramble about the genbun icchi movement, or structural differences between Japanese and English. This morning he made the mistake of asking,

“When translating English to Japanese, can you not attempt to write your translation as if a Japanese person had written it in the first place?”

To which I said…

Gabriel Watches a Movie: Wolverine Does Japan

Saw The Wolverine the other day and enjoyed it despite its flaws, though I might just have no taste in movies because I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve seen recently, including World War Z, White House Down, and RIPD. It’s not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination and the dialogue is painfully bad in parts, but it was consistently entertaining and had less orientalism-fail than I was bracing myself for.

Not so much a review as just things of note